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mebikehelmetWhether you’re visiting the Green Mountains for the first time or you’re a fourth-generation Vermonter, I’ll tell you about  some great places to eat and drink as well as introduce you to some of our fabulous local food producers.

I moved to this fabulous state in the mid-2000s from the Boston area and haven’t regretted it for a moment. From the beautiful landscapes, to the abundance of fresh foods, to the friendly Vermonters who welcome transplants (aka Flatlanders)—and let’s not forget all the yummy microbrews and ciders—mefalconI could not have found a more perfect place to call home.

I’m a freelance writer and editor, curious traveler, and amateur foodie living Burlington, Vermont. When I’m not hunched over my computer or scribbling in my tattered notebook, you can find me kayaking on Lake Champlain, sampling the newest local IPA, or meandering up and down the hills of Burlington with my husband and dogs.


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